REVIEW: Advanced Product Options Suite for Magento 2

Magento 2 product options

Equip products with custom options templates or create individual options for each product with Magento 2 product options. Create highly configurable templates, easily manage options inventory and track detailed stock reports.

Advanced Product Options Suite extension for Magento 2:

  • Customizable templates for product options,

  • Inventory management for custom options Magento 2 custom options,

  • Stock quantity of custom options on the front-end,

  • Configurable out-of-stock options,

  • Detailed inventory report,

  • Cost and Weight for custom options,

  • Product options pricing,

  • One-time prices feature,

  • Product custom options dependency,

  • Images and Color Swatch for custom options,

  • Quantity input for any product option.

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Custom Options Templates
Stop wasting your time on manually creating a huge number of custom options for your products. Now comes with Magento 2 custom options. Assign them in a click with the help of custom options templates. Advanced Product Options Suite enables you to:

• create and manage multiple templates in a click, 
• easily attach templates to any product or group of products, 
• assign templates by the product's SKU/ID, 
• define the input type for custom options, 
• manage custom options on the front-end.

Custom options dependency
Create products with a wide range of options by setting dependencies: 
OR dependency: the next product option is provided to customers for selection only after they've picked up the main one.
And dependence (*coming this winter): dependent options are shown when one or two options are selected. 

Image/color swatch 
Add image- and color-based values to any chosen custom product option. The extension allows you to: 
• add as many image/ color options of the Swatch type as required, 
• add Text Custom Options of the Swatch Type,
• replace the standard product image with one of the custom options,
• upload multiple images for a single option,
• display any option image in the preview tooltip,
• make custom product images SEO-friendly.

Stock Management
Improve usability of your front-end store view with Advanced Product Options Suite. The extension allows you to:
• enable Qty field for each custom option on the front-end, 
• display the quantity of custom options, 
• hide custom options that are out-of-stock automatically, 
• show the ‘out-of-stock’ message. 

Cost & Weight Options 
Accurately calculate the final cost of your products. The weight option allows customers to get shipping costs right at the card, while the cost option shows the net profit each option brings. 

• apply Cost/Weight functionality for custom options,
• use the Absolute Cost/Weight/Price (the feature replaces the products' original cost/weight/price with the options' ones),
• add custom options weight to shipping costs,
• add Quantity Input for any product option.

Custom option pricing
Set custom price for every product option as well as apply flexible pricing schemes.
• set individual prices for any custom option,
• define an option's price as 'one-time',
• set an option's 'Absolute price' as a replacement of the original one. 

General Settings 
Ease your inventory management with the detailed custom options stock report. With the extension you can:
• display an option's description and its image in the preview tooltip, 
• use one-time pricing (the price of custom options will be added to the product price only once),
• get a detailed report about all the implemented custom options, 
• edit custom options in a mouse click, 
• easily search for options that are out-of-stock.


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